This is an installer for the Jupyter-PHP kernel.

How to start

  1. Check your system requirements:
    • PHP >= 7.0
    • PHP-ZMQ extension
    • Jupyter Notebook installed
  2. Download the PHAR installer, you can choose the signed or the unsigned version. If you choose the signed version, the you'll also have to download the public key.
  3. Its recommendable (but not a requirement) to validate downloads checksums. You can find the checksums in this page.
  4. Execute the PHAR installer:
    ./jupyter-php-installer.phar install,
    php ./jupyter-php-installer.phar install.

    You can specify some parameters to the installer, like its verbosity (to better understant what's doing), or the install path. To see those parameters you can type
    ./jupyter-php-installer.phar help.

  5. Open a PHP notebook inside Jupyter! Type in your command line jupyter notebook, and in your browser choose to open a new PHP notebook, that's it! :D .

Authors and Contributors

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License terms

Jupyter-PHP and its installer are under the MIT License.